More book covers for the slide show

Creating these is so fun, I couldn’t help but post more!

After Tupac and D Foster

Along for the Ride

Handmaid's Tale

We Were Here

I Hunt Killers


Blood Child and Other Stories


Book Cover Slide Show

One of my projects at the high school library was to produce a slideshow of book covers featuring a short sentence descriptions to draw student interest. I spent a few hours browsing the library shelves compiling a list of well-circulated books, worthy classics, and popular favorites. After I had a sizable list (made even more sizable after I added some of my booktalking titles into the mix), I set about creating the slideshow. I purposefully did not theme the display in order to appeal to a wider range of audiences.

Sample below.

Wuthering Heights


Eleanor and Park

Boy Meets Boy

Invisible Man