Back! And this blog needs a new name.

Ok, so I’ve graduated from my MLIS program, started a position as a children’s librarian, and gotten married–all in the last 6 months! This blog has been on hold because those things kind of took up all of my time and attention. Since I returned from my honeymoon last week, I feel as though I can finally BREATHE and increase my focus on becoming the best librarian I can be for my new community.

Although I’ve worked in a library before, this is my first professional position post graduate school. I strive to become a kickass ninja librarian who supports early childhood literacy (and all the research surrounding) in creative ways, promotes diverse materials to kids and families, and develops innovative programs that cultivate a culture of learning and engagement at the library–not to mention fighting for intellectual freedom and contributing to intersectional conversations online and in my community.

Wow, that is a confusing sentence and a lot I want to accomplish. But so many incredible librarians do this daily and I want to be among their ranks! This blog will follow my adventures and growth as a new librarian in my branch’s community. Additionally, as I’m finding that my MLIS education didn’t quite teach me all the skills required for this position (all the librarians out there mumble, “big surprise”), many of my posts will  compare and reevaluating what I learned in grad school vs. what I need to know for my job or what I wished I grad school had taught me.

So sit back and enjoy. I look forward to engaging in meaningful conversation with other librarians online again!